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How to Play Anagrabber(R)

We specialize in educational books and games.

Our name is coined from three related words:
ANAGRAM -- a much-loved word game;
ACADEMY -- where education takes place;
ARCADE -- where learning is fun

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Award-winning historical novel -- click picture.
The slave girl Marina changed the fate of two continents.

We take special pride in our own anagram-based, trademarked word game, Anagrabber(R). Anagrabber games come in individual packs or in boxed classroom sets.

Anagrabber (R) -- a game of anagrams
Individual portable pack

Anagrabber (R) classroom set
For more information, click "How to Play Anagrabber"

Word Games: How to Play Anagrabber

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Now this forbidden love story can be told!
The dedication to the sonnets can be solved!